Denser and Wackier: The second film leans far more towards

Ashes to Crashes: It’s a bad idea to Burn the Undead, as more zombies come to life that way. Berserk Board Barricade: The heroes do this in various locations. For the most part it works just fine, with only one failure shown to occur. Black Comedy: The first and second films, in particular. Brain Food: Ur Example in regards to zombies. Here, the zombies eat brains because they give off endorphins that kill the pain of decomposition and rigor mortis. Body Horror: The zombies in general are largely mutilated and heavily decayed, especially the page picture, Tarman, who is seen transforming from a relatively intact looking corpse into, well. Tarman. Darker and Edgier: The third film drops the comedy completely in favor of a more serious plot revolving around a teen trying to revive his recently deceased girlfriend using the trioxin. The fourth and fifth films are also pretty dark and serious in their own way but to a lesser extent. The Dead Have Eyes: Even the most decayed zombies have functioning eyeballs. Dem Bones: A couple zombies, including Tarman. One shot of what is blatantly a skeleton with eyes rising is used the first and last times a contaminated cemetery gives up its dead in the first film. Denser and Wackier: The second film leans far more towards comedy than the first film, which was more of an equal blend of horror and comedy. Everything’s Deader with Zombies: Present and accounted for, a lot. Fiction as Cover Up: The original Night of the Living Dead was meant as a cover up of a zombie outbreak. government, and is only released once again through their carelessness by subcontracting its storage to people who don’t know how to handle it. In the third movie, the military is still conducting trioxin experiments on fresh corpses. It Can Think: The Return zombies show clear signs of intelligence, like puzzle solving (Tarman rigs a chain winch to tear open the doors of a closet a potential meal is hiding in), speech (they know more words than just “Brains”, but this one seems to be their favorite), stealth (when the paramedics and police arrived at the mortuarium, the zombies usually hid before charging at them), the ability to deceive others (they use the radioes in the ambulance and police car to lure more paramedics and police officers into a trap) and awareness of their condition (leading to a couple Tear Jerker moments with infected heroes), traits not found in their shambling, mindless cousins from other zombie franchises.”Send. More. Paramedics.”.

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