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overview for Berzerker7

The association meilleur coque samsung note 8 is the weak link here and is secured through the “something you know”. bijoux pas cher It can be redirected or revoked without any physical tampering, through only coque j52017 samsung knowing some basic things you know like the account number and password.

That still does coque huawei mate 10 samsung xcover 4s coque lite not make it “something you have.” Because you coque samsung galaxy s3 mini a rabat require physical possession of the addressed or registered to device, that fits the definition.

I don’t care how many coque huawei y7 people are ignorant of this and want to prove that it’s somehow a physical factor, it’s not, unless there the sender of the SMS can somehow guarantee that the message is being sent to a specific device.

You are the one who is showing great ignorance.

That is what the SIM card is for. coque iphone Carriers make sure the number can only be associated with a single registered IMEI and SIM card, otherwise, you could, without any user/owner interaction, set up another device to receive phone calls and SMS, which you cannot do. coque huawei p8 lite 2017 transparente Your logic is flawed. collier argent So much so, that your logic nullifies TOTP coque samsung galaxy s8 spigen neo hybrid and U2F, along with every single other second factor out there, from being multi factor as well, since I can “change” or “secure” it coque huawei ascend mate 7 behind other forms of credentials.

Holy shit, coque samsung a5 kenzo the downvotes by fnac coque samsung 8 the misinformed. bijoux pas cher Or is it those with vested interest in making us less secure

If you have read my replies thoroughly, you know that I not advocating for the use of SMS as 2FA. coque huawei While it not secure, it coque huawei p20 amazon is multi factor by definition.

Things that are not physically secured are not a physical factor. SMS is secured by your account information and is therefore not a physical security factor. coque huawei goed hoesje It’s the same factor as a password. coque iphone It is slightly more secure than a password alone, but it’s not a coque samsung galaxy s bouygues second security factor.

Again, you really need an education course on how multi factor authentication works. bracelet bijoux SMS messages can only be sent to a physical device that has that number registered amazon coque huawei p10 lite as its coque samsung galaxy j3 plastique receiving ID. bijoux personnalise That requires you to have a device registered with that SMS ID (phone number) in coque samsung gts7390g order to receive the message. coque huawei That is literally by definition “something you have.”

It ok to be wrong, don double down on information you think is correct, do some second coque samsung j10 guessing, go look at definitions and you realize your mistakes quickly. You digging yourself further and further (and no one coque samsung 6j believes your incorrect information) by digging your heels in like this.

SMS is not sent to a SIM, it’s sent to a phone number.

What do you think a phone number is registered to

The network is what makes SMS a “something you know” factor, because SMS messages can be intercepted or redirected by that network using your coque samsung j5 2017 om account number and perhaps mother’s maiden name.

That is not all how “something you X” works. coque huawei I suggest you coque huawei mate 7 do some coque huawei y5 ii silicone basic research on multi factor authentication.

TOTP might be stored in your phone, but the coque samsung ronaldo phone coque iblason samsung itself is strongly secured, usually using biometrics. coque samsung Physical tokens are obviously secure. Both rely on cryptographically secure math, making it practically infeasible to coque huawei mate 10 reproduce the private key stored in them.

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